Introducing My Macros+ – USA Powerlifting’s New National Sponsor

My Macros+ is the leading diet tracking app on iOS, Android and Web. Today we are excited to announce our role as a National Sponsor of the USA Powerlifting.

My Macros+ was founded by a USA Powerlifting competitor & former professional bodybuilder with the goal to give athletes a customizable platform to better monitor their dietary progress, all while being able to track your meals in under a minute. My Macros+ is a top 5 app in the Health & Fitness category of the App Store and we’re only getting started.

As the founder of My Macros+, and a member of the USA Powerlifting I am elated to be able to give back to the sport that I love and help further the growth of Powerlifting as a whole. If you are trying to make weight or make sure you don’t get too far out of your weight class in the off season, My Macros+ is for you.

Jason Loewy
Founder & Developer
My Macros+, LLC