Number Six, March 2002
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2001 Lifter Rankings
  • Men's and Womens Top 20
    by Total, Squat, Bench, Deadlift

  • Now with Age Group Rankings for 3 Lift, and All lifters for Bench and Bench/Deadlift
This Issue Focus:
     "No Drug Use ALLOWED!"

2002 Women's National Team
23rd Women's World Championships
Riesa, Germany
44 kg.: Erin Dickey, Michigan
48 kg.: Jennifer Maile, Alaska
52 kg.: Siouxz Hartwig, Maryland
56 kg.: Michelle Amsden, Indiana
60 kg.: Bettina Altizer, Virginia
67.6 kg.: Kara Bohigian, Georgia
75 kg.: Priscilla Ribic, Washington
82.5 kg.: Leslie Look, Maine
90 kg.: Jessica Watkins, Indiana
+90 kg.: Liz Willett, Washington
*Selections pending drug testing.
Coaching Staff: Larry Maile, Kirk Karwoski, Mike O'Donnell, Michael Overdeer, Sue Hallen, Tod Miller.
Referees: P.J. Couvillion, Ruth Welding.

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