Number Thirteen, June 2003    -    ORGANIZATION INFO
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2003 Women's Committee Meeting Minutes

Section 1 Meet Info

Date: January 24, 2003 5:00PM
Location: Plaza Hotel, Killeen TX

Section II Meeting Agenda & Minutes

1. Call to Order - By Liz Willet
Introduction of EC in attendance

2. Introductions/Attendance
    - Liz Willett
    - Janna Maile
    - Priscilla Ribic
    - Regina Hackey
    - Sandra Perron
    - Ruth Welding
    - Erin Dickey
    - Harriet Hall
    - Brenda Howard
    - Maura Shuttlesworth
    - Christy Newman
    - Donna Almonosa

3. Linda Jo Bisteno Letter
Reading of letter from Linda Jo Bisteno - Stepping down from EC position

4. Ruth speaks on equipment rule changes.
Local and state meets that do not need to meet IPF standards. Because the Nationals is a qualifier, as of January 1st, the following equipment rules in effect:
  • In the event of a tie, two going for same records, no re-weigh rule. By lot number, first to take lift is the one who gets the record.
  • One minute attempt rule. If you do not give your attempt within the limit and make your attempt, a 2.5-kilo advance given.
  • Masters ages. As of Jan 1st you are considered that age group for the year you are turning. So if turning 40 Jan 31st and lift Jan 25th, you can lift as a master 1. Only carried in the 10 year increments, Does not count for American records.
  • Bench press rule - lowered to the chest not the abdomen. It is up to the digression of the referees. Press from the chest.
  • Marathon suits are out, have not paid their IPF fees. This includes knee wraps. Craine is legal.
  • Shoes that considered for outdoor activity, do not count. Should be lifting or athletic shoes. Hiking and work boots are out.

Question asked about when the gear rules were announced. Answer was Men's Worlds. Message needs to be relayed to women prior to a week before the meet.

5. Johnny Graham - Welcomes everyone to Killeen. 131 lifters. Largest women's Nationals ever. 132-148s moved back one hour.

6. Reading & Approval of Minutes - Sue Hallen recommends seconding minutes. Regina - Seconds.

7. Voting for EC minutes. The following are nominated:
  • Katie Ford - Nominated through letter Kelly (presented by Liz)/ Ruth Welding seconds
  • Priscilla Ribic - Sue Hallen/
  • Regina Hackney - Janna Maile/
  • Kim Newman - Priscilla Ribic/ Sue Hallen seconds
  • Erin Dickey - Karen Miller / Sue Hallen seconds
  • Ruth Welding nominates to close - Regina Hackeny seconds
    New EC - Priscilla Ribic - Katie Ford - Kim Newman
8. Athletes Reps Vote -
  • Harriet Hall
  • Erin Dickey
  • Jeannie Livingston
  • Donna Almonosa - Sue/Janna
  • Paulette Calhoun
  • Molly Dennamy Karen Miller/Erin Dickey
  • Carly Nagle Erin Dickey/Molly
  • Michelle James Linda Sh
  • Cody Grubbs Christy New/Karen Miller
    New Athletes Reps: Harriet Hall - Paullette Calhoun - Donna Almonosa - Erin Dickey - Michelle James - Jeannie Livingston - Cody Grubbs-
9. Bids & Presentations and Vote for 2005 Women's Nationals-
  • Tom North - Irving TX. Held in Dallas, 21st - 23rd of January. Possibly Fri-Sun meet.
  • Dennis Bradey - Chicago, IL. Nectar presents bid for Dennis Bradey -
  • Janna Maile accepts bids, Priscilla Ribic seconds.
  • Regina motions to vote/ Sue seconds -
  • Dallas - 9
  • Chicago - 1
    2005 bid awarded to Tom North. Approval of bid to be finalized at 2004 NGB Meeting.
10. Unfinished Business
Linda Schaefer - Asked about the 220lb weight class. Ruth Welding said no further investigation of new class was done, results are too limited as well as women of that weight, classes to thin. Janna Maile mentions that IPF does not have the level and resulting in nowhere to go on for women of that class (e.g., World level).

11. New Business

  • Jim Hart - Speaks on 2004 Women's Nationals. To be held at Double Tree, Jan 31st - Feb 1st Omaha, Neb. Jim wants suggestions for awards, e-mail or phone call gladly accepted.
  • Jim Ford - Motions - Women's hall of fame for Women. To recognize the great women and history of women in the sport of Powerlifting.
  • Sue Hallen seconds.
  • Motion accepted
  • Committee - Priscilla Ribic, Chair - Sue Hallen - Christy Newman - Disa Hatfield- Sandra Perron - Erin Dickey - Maura Shuttlesworth - Kim Newman - Jim Ford - Michelle James - Liz Willett
  • Tom North - Will make plaques for Women's Hall of Fame
  • Priscilla Ribic - Speaks on USAPL coverage in Monster Muscle Magazine, specifically to the coverage of the USAPL women in the Iron Maiden section. Looking to expose our women and get them the recognition they deserve. Asking for members to send high quality pose and lifting pictures if they would like to be in an upcoming issue.
  • Nectar Kirkiris - Presents 2003 IPF Women's Worlds.

12. Adjourn
Motion to adjourn - by Liz Willett /Sue Hallen