April 30-May 2, 2004
Aurora CO

MD: Dan Gaudreau

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The 2004 Mens Masters National Championships were held in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado. The meet directors were Rob Grisham and Dan Gaudreau, who both lifted in the meet. The Doubletree Hotel served as the venue.

The lifters were treated to Comborack squat/bench racks on the platform as well as the warmup room. The lifting was shown on a 10 ft. projection screen, and piped into the lifters rooms. Theatrical lighting spotted the platform and 2 broadcast quality digital video cameras recorded the event for posterity. The barload and timer were displayed on a HDTV Plasma bigscreen, with scoring on yet another projection screen.

The Masters Committee met on Thursday night, with officers elections being held and discussion on upcoming events.

Fridays opening ceremonies featured the Marine Color Guard with Brent McCune delivering the National Anthem.

Highlights included Denny Barleen taking the 114 (40-44), Tim Smith winning the 132 (40-44), and Robert Trujilo placing first in the 132 (60-64) class.

Anthony Petranellini (40-44), Lloyd Weinstein (45-49), Brendan Rohan (50-54), Ted Feight (55-59), and Jules Pellegrino (60-64) took 148 honors.

The 165 class first place winners were David Bracken (40-44),Mark Cucinella (50-54), Phil Trujillo (55-59), San Aluenda (60-64), Jerry Ochs (65-69) and Dan Goodwin (70-74). Sam Aluenda's World record lifting earned him best lightweight lifter status.

Saturday started with the 181's. Ron Garafolo out paced the 40-44 class and Bill Scully lead the 45-49 division. Aaron Byes(50-54), Roberto Contreras (55-59), Jim Yeats (60-64), Bill Callihan (65-69), and E. McCulloch(70-74)rounded out the winners in this highly contested group.

Next up was a very large 198 contingent. Greg Jones won the 40-44's with Keith Kanemoto pulling away in the 45-49's. Larry Traub took the 50-54's and Andy Cristo walked away with first in the 55-59's. Bud Bower's 60-64 win closed out the division.

The 220's finished the day in spectacular fashion. Scott Zwaanstra lead the charge with 40-44 first place honors, and Shawn Cain showed his mettle by taking the 45-49 group gold. Gary Edwards (50-54), David Clark (55-59), Robert Rood (60-64) and Jack Robinson(65-69) were also first place winners. David Clark's excellent lifting earned him best heavyweight lifter accolades.

Sunday's lifting blasted off with the 242's. The 40-44 class saw a very tight race go to Brian Callahan. Jim Sullivan dominated the 45-49's. Bill Sindlear(50-54), Ron Burnett(55-59), Bill Helmich (60-64), Stan Chatis (65-69) and Joe Yanovitch (70-74) were all insperational gold medal athletes.

The paced reached break neck speed with the 275 class. Dave Gonzales rocked the house with his 40-44 class win. Jeff Capps outdistanced the 45-49's and Sean Anderson busted through with 50-54 gold. Will Morris(60-64) and meet director Rob Grisham(65-69) each earned a gold with gutsy lifting.

The day was wrapped up with the Supers. Meet director Dan Gaudreau (40-44), Gary Gertner (45-49), Ron Beuch (50-54), and Charles Lund (55-59) earned first place medals.

The team award went to the Rocky Mountain Lifting Club.

Thanks go out to USAPL, USAPL Colorado, Mike Marinelli, Brent McCune, Bob Fleming, Steve Heyl, Steve Harms, Steve Howard, Johnny Graham, Larry Maile, all the referees, spotters, volunteers, sponsors, and powerlifting supporters.

A special Thanks to all the competitors, you guys put on a great show.

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