Number Thirty, May 2006    -    CONTEST RESULTS
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Contest Results received to May 1, 2006
All results are included in the Online Database | Lifter Rankings Page

  • 2006 IPF World Master Bench

  • Collegiate Nationals

  • USAPL High School Nationals

  • USAPL Master Nationals

  • Bench Press Nationals, 25,26-Mar-06

  • Military Nationals, 11-Mar-06

  • The Last Minute Qualifier, 13-Jan-06

  • Nor Cal Winter Classic, 14-Jan-06

  • Louisiana State Meet, 21-Jan-06

  • Rocky Mt Club Invitational, 21-Jan-06

  • Power Point Qualifier, 28-Jan-06

  • Wisconsin State Meet, 28-Jan-06

  • Wisconsin Qualifier, 28-Jan-06

  • Albany Strength National Qualifier, 4-Feb-06

  • FL State PL Championships, 4-Feb-06

  • House of Power Invitational, 4-Mar-06

  • Plainwell Qualifier, 4-Feb-06

  • Serious Members Qualifier, 11-Feb-06

  • Alexandria Senior HS Invite,25-Feb-06

  • Glen Mills Invitational, 25-Feb-06

  • MN Men's State & Women's Open, 25-Feb-06

  • Texas Qualifier, 25-Feb-06

  • USNA Open, 25-Feb-06

  • USAPL Kansas Heavy Metal Open, 4-Mar-06

  • Ron Falcone Inv., 4-Mar-06

  • South Dakota State PL/BP Chmps, 4-Mar-06

  • Powers HS Qualifier, 5-Mar-06

  • Anchorage Spring Classic, 11-Mar-06

  • Harrisburg Qualifier, 12-Mar-06

  • MA HS Championships, 18-Mar-06

  • Battle of the Great Lakes IX, 18-Mar-06

  • Indiana HS Championships, 18-Mar-06

  • Palmetto PL and BP Inv., 18-Mar-06

  • PA State Championships, 18-19 Mar-06

  • Virginia Open PL/BP/DL, 25-Mar-06

  • WA State Championships, 25-Mar-06

  • FGCU Collegiate Qualifier, 18-Mar-06

  • David Martin Memorial Qualifier, 1-Apr-06

  • Alabama State, 8-Apr-06

  • Peak Performance BP/DL, 11-Mar-06

  • Spring Recordbreakers, 22-Apr-06

  • A Word about Results:
    Many results are difficult to read, are lacking important information like the date and location of the event, class info missing, or have other problems. All efforts are made to present correct results, but errors may occur.

    Age Catergories have been converted from IPF standard in some cases.