UPDATES: USA Powerlifting State Chair Positions

State Chair elections have been held in the following states where the current chair ran unopposed:

CO: Daniel and Jennifer Gaudreau
GA: Sherman Ledford
LA: Travis Werner
MN: Joe Warpeha
NY: Wesley Kipp / Paulie Steinman
PA: Eliot Feldman
WA: Danna Snow

2 states have newly appointed State Chairs:

MT: Scott Grimm
VT: Lara Thume

In Wisconsin 2 candidates, Quintin Meyer and Tonya Lambeth, were on the ballot.
The vote count from the election Tonya Lambeth 76, Quintin Meyer 12. Congratulations to Tonya!

The new state chairs will hold their positions until 2020.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your willingness to serve USA Powerlifting in this way