1. Opening
  2. Roll call of schools present
    1. LSU      Natalie Wood
    2. Nicholls State      Brandon Bizette
    3. Southeast Louisiana University Monica Millet
    4. Benedictine College      Adam Wilczak
    5. Univ. of Nebraska at Lincoln      Jim Hart
    6. Kansas State      Leah Marietta
    7. Kansas University      Blake Elder
    8. Univ. of Wisconsin at Lacrosse Phil Paulsen
    9. Baton Rouge Community College      Liz Aldridge
    10. Our Lady of the Lake College      Colt Fuller
    11. Michigan State University      Aaron Gibes
    12. Louisiana Tech      Brandon Holmes
    13. Univ. of Texas at Austin      Kim Beckwith
    14. U.S. Naval Academy      Joe Navarre
    15. Florida Gulf Coast Univ.      Jim Dundon
  3. Roll call of Committee members present
    1. Jim Dundon
    2. Dr. B.J. Talton, proxy for Trey Cunningham
    3. Nick Gutierrez, proxy for Steven Maclawchin
    4. Jason Bowers
    5. Kelly Louque
    6. Arval Bridges
    7. Ben Brooks, proxy for Emelio Saldierna
    8. Leigh Arnold, proxy for Wade Hooper
    9. Absent: Ashley Awalt (no proxy)
  4. New Committee elected
    1. Jason Bowers
    2. Jim Dundon
    3. Kelly Louque
    4. Leah Marietta
    5. Zac Cooper
    6. Pamela Bartz
    7. Liz Aldridge
    8. Colt Fuller
    9. Arval Bridges
  5. Election of Collegiate Chairman:
    1. a. Jon Magendie (elected by acclamation)
  6. Voting on bids for 2008 Collegiates
    1. Denver/ Dan Guidreau 11 votes
    2. Omaha/ Jim Hart 10 votes
    3. Philadelphia/ Robt. Keller 1 vote
  7. New business
    1. Motion from Zac Cooper: that the Collegiate Committee accept a $200 donation from Louisiana Tech University Powerlifting to be awarded to this years Collegiate Scholarship winners, in the amount of $100 each to the two winners.
      1. Second: Jim Dundon
      2. Motion Passed unanimously
    2. Motion from Kelly Louque to close meeting
      1. Second: Leigh Arnold

Per Dan Guidreau, re: 2008 Collegiates…t-shirt with entry, All-American recognition (either certificate or patch), at least $750 donation to scholarship fund, cc tv in hotel rooms of meet action, 3 day meet.


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