Larry Maile Ph.D.

    Professional Background: Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. I am retired from the State of Alaska as the State’s Chief Forensic Examiner. As such, I have appeared in more than 1500 criminal and civil cases. I am currently in private practice, focusing on treating adolescents and doing an occasional criminal case.

    I served in the Air Force during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990 to 1994 Individual Ready Reserve Officer until 2005.

    Powerifting Years: Started 1977.

    Competitor: I am still active, although professional and USA Powerlifting obligations limit my time to compete.

    Powerlifting Titles:
    International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame
    North American Powerlifting Hall of Fame
    USA Powerlifting Women’s Hall of Fame
    Brother Bennett Award Honoree (2001)
    USA Powerlifting Coach of the Year (2000 and 2007)
    USA Powerlifting Senior International Coach
    Trainer Champion: Russian National Championships

    USA Powerlifting Senior International Coach
    3x Head Coach Jr. National Team
    2x Head Coach, National Bench Team
    13x Coach, Women’s National Team
    4x Coach, IWGA World Games North American Team
    2x Pan American Championships Team
    3x North American Championships Team
    Head Coach, USA Team to Russian Nationals
    Head Coach, USA Team to Norway Nationals
    Head Coach, Alaska Iron Maidens (8x National Champion Team)

    1989 ADFPA Lifetime Drug Free National Champion
    2000 IPF World Master Champion
    2004 Brazilian National Champion
    2007 Pan American Champion
    2012 USA Powerlifting Raw Master’s National Champion
    2015 USA Powerlifting Raw Master’s National Champion

    Powerlifting Positions:
    President, USA Powerlifting, 2003 to Present.
    President, North American Powerlifting Federation, 1999 to 2012, 2015-
    Vice-President, USA Powerlifting, 2000 to 2003.
    Executive Board, International Powerlifting Federation, 1999 to 2012, 2019-
    Member, USA Powerlifting Drug Testing Committee, 1985 to 1994.
    1st Co-Chair, USA Powerlifting Armed Forces Committee
    Chair, USA Powerlifting Coaching Committee, 2000 to 2008.
    Member, USA Powerlifting Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee, 2000 to present.
    Member, IPF Medical Committee, 2010 to Present.
    Consulting Psychologist, IPF Entourage Committee, 2013 to Present.

    Referee Status: IPF Category I Referee.

    Meet Director Status:
    Co-Director, USA Powerlifting events at the Arnold Sports Festival, 2007 to Present.
    Colorado State Championships, 1988-90.
    Alaska State Championships, 1985-87, 1995-2002.

    Other comments: I joined the ADFPA (now USA Powerlifting) in 1983/84. I was recruited by Brother Bennett as the first Alaska State Chair. I attended my first ADFPA Nationals in 1985. I credit Brother Bennett with guiding me to embrace the values of fair play, drug-free competition, and good sportsmanship. Powerlifting has provided me the opportunity to travel the world, meet and work with some of the most distinguished and accomplished athletes and officials in any sport. I hope that USA Powerlifting continues to grow and to bring great organization, accessible competition, and the recognition that our athletes and volunteers deserve.