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Honorary Awards

USA Powerlifting Honorary Awards

Each year, recognition is given to the officials, athletes and coaches who represent the highest standards of service to their fellow athletes and the ideals of USA Powerlifting. These are the Honorary Awards. They are voted on at the National Governing Body Meeting which is held in conjunction with Men’s National Championships. These awards reflect the highest esteem of the governing delegates of USA Powerlifting. Nomination to these prestigious awards is an honor in itself. The recipients of the Honorary Awards exemplify the values of USA Powerlifting, our sport as a whole and the drug free ethic that is central to our organization.

Brother Bennett Award

The Brother Bennett Award is the most prestigious of the honorary awards given by the members of USA Powerlifting. It is named for the founder of the drug free powerlifting movement in the U.S., and recognizes extraordinary service to the athletes of our organization and leadership in furthering the cause of drug free sport. The recipients of the Brother Bennett Award reflect the highest ideals of our sport, and many of the recipients were both mentored by Brother Bennett and share his vision of a lifting platform free from the effects of strength inducing substances.

Athlete of the Year

The USA Powerlifting Athlete of the Year Award is given to the athlete with the most successful year, representing USA Powerlifting in National and International competitions.

Coach of the Year

The USA Powerlifting Coach of the Year Award is given to the individual who is active in the training and coaching of drug free athletes at every level of competition, from local to international. They reflect selfless dedication to helping athletes realize their goals, whether they be improved health, greater strength, or increasing success in powerlifting competition. Recipients of the Coach of the Year Award give of themselves unselfishly, often at great personal expense and in lieu of success as athletes themselves. The individual selected as the Coach of the Year is recognized by their peers and fellow athletes for helping others reach their athletic dreams.

Referee of the Year

The job of referee is often a thankless one, and one which does not bring with it the recognition of the athletes, coaches, or spectators. The Referee of the Year Award is given to the individual who has performed exemplary duties as referee, both in terms of time commitment and level of activity. The Referee of the Year is an official who frequently travels at their own expense to assure that it is possible to hold competitions, and to make certain that those athletes who are capable of record setting performances get the opportunity to do so. This honorary award was chartered several years ago to acknowledge and to thank those who have worked often from dawn to dusk, and beyond to assure that competitions may proceed and that a uniform standard of lifting performance is assured.

  • 2017 Inductee – Michael Zawilinski
  • 2016 Inductee – Tonya Lambeth
  • 2015 Inductee – Joe Warpeha
  • 2014 Inductee – Eliot Feldman
  • 2013 Inductee – Bill Helmich
  • 2012 Inductee – Phil ‘PJ’ Couvillion
  • 2011 Inductee – Bill Clayton
  • 2010 Inductee – Bill Sindelar
  • 2009 Inductee – Robert Grisham
  • 2008 Inductee – Joe Marksteiner Cathy Marksteiner
  • 2007 Inductee – George Bartotti*
  • 2006 Inductee – Jack Marcus
  • 2005 Inductee – Robert Keller
  • 2017 Inductee – James Townsend
  • 2016 Inductee – Eric Mach
  • 2015 Inductee – Jon Magendie
  • 2014 Inductee – Malinda Baum/Angela Simons
  • 2013 Inductee – Curt St. Romain
  • 2012 Inductee – Matt Gary
  • 2011 Inductee – Travis Werner
  • 2010 Inductee – Jim Brown
  • 2009 Inductee – Gina Stepleton
  • 2008 Inductee – Joe Lewis
  • 2007 Inductee – Larry Maile
  • 2006 Inductee – Dan Gaudreau
  • 2005 Inductee – Lanette Lopez
  • 2004 Inductee – Jim Ford
  • 2003 Inductee – Johnny Graham
  • 2002 Inductee – Tod Miller
  • 2001 Inductee – Jim Ford
  • 2000 Inductee – Larry Maile
  • 1999 Inductee – Billy Jack Talton
  • 2017 Inductee – Liane Blyn
  • 2016 Inductee – Blaine Sumner
  • 2015 Inductee – Priscilla Ribic
  • 2014 Inductee – Kimberly Walford
  • 2013 Inductee – Ian Bell
  • 2012 Inductee – Eric Kupperstein