This year I had the honor to nominate Jim Ford as coach of the year;

1. He has been participating in this sport and loving it longer than most, One of our only true historians of the ADFPA and USA Powerlifting left in the federation today. Boy the storys you can tell!!

2. Although he has been nominated several times and declined because he would rather watch someone else be honored than be honored himself.. I am proud that this year you accepted the position and allowed the lifters, ALL OF THEM with NO BIAS whom you have helped, show you how much they care.

3. Your focus is on the youth lifters, which I believe is the future of this federation. This entails many, many hours of schedules, keeping up with minors and parents, all over this world. There are not a lot of people who will volunteer to manage these tasks. His secrets to stardom are second to none; Crops Pudur, Gummi Bears along with more hugs and laughs than are deserved.

4. Long story short he has totally helped me and many others as a lifter on and off the platform, its not just numbers ~ Its basically having a true friend, wether you do well or if you bomb.. His support is unconditional! He is truly a positive gift as a person and a coach in this federation.

So Mr. Ford, Congratulations ~This year we salute you!! I am proud to call you our coach and our friend. Thank you for all that you do!!

Submitted by Liz Willet

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