2005 Coach of the Year

DOB: 13 Nov 1959

Place: Charma, New Mexico

Lanette L. Lopez started with the Phantom Warriors Powerlifting in 1997, as the eam Manager. During her time with the team, she has assisted with many duties, to include Head Scorer, Asst coach, and Asst Meet Director.

Her position as Asst Head coach on the Masters and Men’s World Team has lead to many top finishes for the lifters of USA Powerlifting. Even when not with the World Teams, she has been in the background, preparing our teams for travels around the World. This has led to the Masters Teams winning 15 World Team titles in the past 4 years.

Her knowledge of the sport, and her willingness to always give her best effort has earned the respect of many USA Powerlifting World class lifters. She has given countless hours of her time, to not only coach the best lifters of this organization, but to also assist many meet directors around the country in running a very successful meet. She has personally come into a contest, sometimes as a spectator, and taken over the scoring process for meet directors, making the event a success.

She has been asked on many occasions to help in meets at the last minute, and never has she turned them down. This type of dedication is what makes her the great person she is.

Her position has Asst Head Coach of the Phantom Warrior Powerlifting for t he past 6 years, has been the backbone of their success. During this time, the Phantom Warriors Powerlifting team has won 4 Military National Team championships, And 6 Texas State Team Championships. She has personally taken many new lifters, and made them successful champions. She is the only Civilian member of the Team that is sponsored by the Fort Hood Community and Fitness Director.

Without a doubt, Lanette Lopez nomination as the USA Powerlifting Coach of the Year, was well deserved. She is one of the most knowledgeable people in our sport, and it has been shown of many occasions in events around the World.

It is an honor for USA Powerlifting to have Lanette L. Lopez as the 2005 Coach of the Year.

USA Powerlifting

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