The recipient of the 2001 Brother Bennett Award was our hard-working Vice President, Dr. Larry Maile. He is well deserving of this year’s award since he has done it all: coach, administrator, lifter, meet promoter, and leader. Many know him for his work as a coach for the dominant Alaskan Iron Maidens, Bench Press World Team, Women’s Open Team, and Junior World Team, thus his being last year’s Coach of the Year. He has taken on the thankless tasks of Alaska State Chair, Coaches Committee Chair, USA Powerlifting VP, and North American VP. One of our Nation’s top lifter’s, Leslie Look, has been quoted numerous times saying, “He is the best thing to happen to women’s powerlifting!” Oh yeah, and last year on the side he won the Master World Championships. He has put in countless hours towards the USA Powerlifting and it’s mission of being the premier drug-free powerlifting organization. I had the honor of asking him a few questions about his award.

KF: At this year’s Men’s National Championships in Nebraska, the NGB voted to present you with the prestigious Brother Bennet Award for your service to the Federation and for helping to promote Drug-Free Powerlifting. Tell us a little historical overview of this award, and your reaction to receiving it.

KF: With regard to Brother Bennett’s founding philosophy and the fact that there still seems to be a large void between US powerlifting federations, what responsibilities does the USA Powerlifting have as the premier drug-free organization? Also, how do those responsibilities influence our relationship with the IPF?

With regard to the IPF, I see our role as following from the original mission of the ADFPA. It is our job to, first, police our own members, and to demonstrate that drug free athletes can be competitive internationally. We have growing influence internationally by virtue of our having done so. In addition, we have been supportive of the IPF, open to friendly competition, and have participated with large, well-behaved teams. Our members have been willing to work to further powerlifting internationally, as well as at home, and the world is noticing.

I see our future role in the IPF expanding, when the aftertaste of our predecessors wears off, and our good will becomes appreciated further. We will further this when the IPF comes home to America for World Championships in the coming years.

KF: Thank you, Dr. Maile. It has been a pleasure working with you on and off the platform. Congratulations on this honor!

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