2005 Referee of the Year

I. Education

PhD Candidate, Conflict Analysis & Resolution
Nova Southeastern University
Current Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant

International Studies
Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Masters Degree
International Peace & Conflict Resolution
Arcadia University

Bachelor’s Degree
Political Science: International Relations
Concentration in Russia Studies & Language

II. Powerlifitng

[Currently serve in the following Positions]


General Secretary, North American Powerlifting Federation
Media Officer, International Powerlifting Federation
Editor, IPF Newsletter
Member, IPF Technical Committee
Member, IPF Doping Commission
IPF Category I Referee

USA Powerlifitng
Interim Technical Officer, USA Powerlifting
Co-chair, USA Powerlifting Florida
Technical Advisor, USA Powerlifting Coaching Committee

Championship Director
Directed over 30+ USA National Championships
Director, 2005 IPF Men’s World Powerlifting Championships
Director, 2005 IPF Master’s World Bench Press Championships

Lifting 30+ Years / Best Lifts: Squat 705: Bench Press: 450; Deadlift 650 @220/242
Bronze Medalist – 2002 IPF World University Student Championships – Novgorod, Russia
Silver Medalist – 2003 IPF World University Student Championships – Ukraine
Multiple national, regional and state championships

30+ IPF World Powerlifting Championships
US World Junior Team Coach 1987 – 1997 {4 world team championships}
US World Bench Press Team Coach
Coach, US Air Force Academy Powerlifting Team {2 collegiate national championships}

IPF Category I Referee
Refereed over 25+ IPF World/International Powerlifting Championships
2005 IWGA/GAIF World Games Referee

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