Intermediate Update to the Rulebook Effective Immediately

The intermediate update to the rulebook has been posted on the Technical Committee portion of the national website here:
All changes are described in the Addendum section of the rulebook – the last 4 pages (pp. 68-71). There have been several major changes, some of which have already been announced and others that are being publicly announced today for the first time. There are 9 areas in which rule/policy changes have occurred:
– Formula used in USA Powerlifting
– Approved equipment
– Referee testing requirements and procedures
– Weight classes
– Logos and emblems on apparel/equipment
– Crop-top shirts
– Shirts in the deadlift
– Singlets
– Religious exemption for full-body coverings
Hopefully these updates will clear up the confusion that surrounds some of the topics above. All of the changes are effective immediately.