USA Powerlifting Membership Application

All memberships expire Dec 31 of year purchased (Memberships purchased Nov/Dec expire the following year-end.)


Membership Cards are now delivered via email. Please add to your Contacts list or white list to avoid your Membership information going to your Spam folder.

If purchasing an Online Membership, you will receive two [2] email confirmations:

  1. Your Payment Receipt
  2. Your Membership Confirmation with ID card link

Print out, or have handy on your Smartphone, your ID card for proof of membership. Remember to keep your payment receipt in a safe place as well.

For membership questions or general application support, please contact the National Office at:

Athlete Information

  First Name   Last Name
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  Street Address
  City   State   Zip Code
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  Phone Number   Email Address
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  Confirm Email Address
  Date of Birth       Gender
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  U.S. Citizen?
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Membership Information

Select at least one Division from the left two columns. Open can be selected with any other division.

The Solitary Divisions in the right hand column allow no additional divisions.

The pricing for each division is as follows:
  • Open, Masters, Junior, Non-Competing $55
  • Teen $30
  • Youth $15
  • Special Olympian $10

As a Master, Teen, or Junior you may also register as Open, but it's not required. However, if you wish to compete in the Open division, then Open must be selected. If Open is selected in addition to any of the other base divisions, the cost of registration will be that of Open, and not the other selected division.

For example, if Teen and Open are both selected, then the cost of membership will be $55, not $30.

Divisions Solitary Divisions
 Open (14+)  Non-Competing
 Masters (40+)  Special Olympian
 Youth (8-13)  
 Teen (14-19)  
 Junior (20-23)  
Total: $    

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