Green Card (alien resident card)?  If YES, please email or fax us a copy of your card so that we can update your membership profile for full membership privileges.  We will also need to know if you have competed internationally within the past 3 years for home country.

If you have applied for a Green Card and it is still in process you must still seek permission from your home country (see Visa criteria).

Visa?  If YES, we need a letter from your IPF Affiliate, sent to granting you approval to compete with USA Powerlifting. You should contact your IPF affiliate listed here: for the letter of approval.  You must receive both permission from your home federation and USA Powerlifting prior to competing.

Student Visa?  If you are on a Student Visa AND are competing with a registered Collegiate Team, (Registered Collegiate Teams are listed Here) please email and identify which team you are competing with. If not competing with a registered Collegiate Team, the above Visa criteria applies for seeking approval.

DACA?  If YES, please email or fax a copy of your DACA Permit

Other?  If you fall under a different scenario than Green Card or Visa or are not from a country with an IPF affiliate and would like to compete within USA Powerlifting, please email us explaining your situation.

Those who do not have a green card and are granted permission to compete with USA Powerlifting will compete as ‘Guest Lifters’ and will not be eligible to set State or American Records.

Non-Citizen Flowchart

fax:  260-248-4879