State Records:

Q: Who keeps and posts state records?

A: Individual State Chairs maintain their state records (see individual links for each state on the USA Powerlifting Website under LINKS).

Q: What are the requirements to set a state record?

A: Any current USA Powerlifting member can set a state record for the state that he/she has listed as their state of residence on their current USA Powerlifting card. Other requirements may be needed as decided by each individual state chair.

Q: How can I contact my state chair for more information regarding state records?

A: The USA Powerlifting website has listed all the State Chairs and there contact information for your convenience.

National Meet Records:

Q: Where can National records be set for the following:

A: At the respective National Meets held for the Individual Divisions listed above. For example: Women’s National Meet Records can only be broken at Women’s Nationals which is held once a year.

Q: Can I set Collegiate, High School, Military, Police and Fire National Records at Bench Nationals, Squat Nationals , etc; ?

A: Yes but only for that respective meet and if those records are currently being kept. For Example: At Bench Press Nationals you may set the Collegiate Bench Press Nationals Records.

Q: When will the results be posted?

A: Meet results must be submitted by the meet director along with any additional paper work (i.e. record forms, government ID, and drug testing paper work) to the National office. They have 30 days to submit the appropriate paper work.

American Records:

Q: Where can I set American Records?

A: Any State, National, or IPF Sanctioned Meet with the following guidelines:

State and National Meets: Must be sanctioned by USA Powerlifting and have a sanction number assigned.

National / IPF World Meets:

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