Effective July 10, 2019, the structure of the USA Powerlifting Registered Testing Pool has been modified.  The testing pool will now consist of two-tiers, the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and Major Event Testing Pool (METP).
  1. Registered Testing Pool (RTP):  Athletes in the RTP must file whereabouts through the end of the calendar year in which they are added.  REGISTERED TESTING POOL ATHLETES
  2. Major Event Testing Pool (METP):  Athletes nominated and accepting a position on a National Team to compete internationally may be placed into the METP.  The duration of the requirement to submit whereabouts shall be from the time of accepting your team slot (either as an active or alternate athlete) through the end of the quarter in which the event is contested.   The quarter through which the athlete must submit whereabouts will be listed in the METP on the website next to the athlete’s name. If an athlete participates in two or more national teams, the quarter of the latest occurring event will be the effective quarter.
    Posted below is the current Major Event Testing Pool (METP).  Lifters will be added to this pool as they receive and accept National Team Invites.


Athletes who are in the ADAMS system must continue to submit whereabouts through ADAMS.

Athletes who are temporarily added to ADAMS must still submit whereabouts through the METP until they have successfully been added to ADAMS, can login and are maintain their whereabouts through the ADAMS calendar. The OMT Coordinator will notify the athlete once they are compliant with ADAMS and therefore not required to submit whereabouts through the METP.

Your initial whereabouts are to be submitted within 7-days of being notified of your inclusion in the RTP or upon accepting a team slot (either as an active or an alternate athlete), and then submitted quarterly by the deadlines stated.
  • Quarter 1 – December 15
  • Quarter 2 – March 15
  • Quarter 3 – June 15
  • Quarter 4 – September 15

We suggest you add a reminder in your phone/calendar to update your ALFs by the deadline.

Athlete Locator Form (ALF)

This form can be found on the main website under the “FORMS” section on the menu bar or by using the following link: https://form.jotform.com/usapowerlifting/usapl-athlete-locator-form-alf

Please note, failure to submit the form by the deadlines, keep your whereabouts current or accurate will result in a Filing Failure and fine.  Three filing failures will result in a suspension.

A new ALF must be submitted each quarter.

Updating your ALF during a quarter is easy.  Keep your original email copy and click the Edit Submission link and update the appropriate fields as they apply for your whereabouts changes.


Thank you for attention and compliance with this request.