Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes may be selected at any time to be of the USA Powerlifting Registered Testing Pool (RTP).  Each RTP athlete is required to keep your whereabouts updated via the Athlete Locator Form (ALF).  The form is to be submitted Quarterly by the deadlines stated.
  • Quarter 1 – December 15
  • Quarter 2 – March 15
  • Quarter 3 – June 15
  • Quarter 4 – September 15
We suggest you add a reminder in your phone/calendar to update your ALFs by the deadline.
Current and past International Competitor, are required to keep whereabouts updated for a full year though the end of the quarter you of the event you competed in.  For example:
  • If you competed in the 2016 Classic Worlds (June), you will be required to keep your whereabouts updated through 2017 2nd Quarter.
  • If you were a competitor at the 2016 NAPFs, then you will update your Whereabouts through 2017 3rd Quarter.
If you are listed in the RTP and do not fall under the International Competitor requirements above, you will be required to keep your whereabouts current until further notice.
If you are selected to be on a International Team, you will change your ALF Event from RPT to the name of the event you will be participating in.
If you are part of the IPF RTP (ADAMS) you are only required to keep ADAMS up-to-date.
Please note, failure to submit the form by the deadlines, keep your whereabouts current or accurate will result in a Filing Failure and fine.  Three filing failures will result in a suspension.
A new ALF must be submitted each quarter.
Updating your ALF during a quarter is easy.  Keep your original email copy and click the Edit Submission link and update the appropriate fields as they apply for your whereabouts changes.


Thank you for attention and compliance with this request.