Release of the 2019 Raw Nationals Qualifying Totals

USA Powerlifting is pleased to announce the new Qualifying Totals for the 2019 Raw Nationals to be held in Lombard, IL on October 16th-20th.

2019 Raw Qualifying Totals

2019 USA Powerlifting Raw National Website

Q: Why are there new raw QTs?
A: The Raw Committee created and proposed the QTs we have through 2018. The committee proposal that was passed in 2015 stated that the QTs were to be recalculated every 3 years to reflect changes/trends in performances across the organization in the past 3 years. With performances continually improving, it was expected that the QTs would increase. It was hard to say by how much because it required an analysis of all performances in the past 3 years which was accomplished using the results database. This year (2018) is the end of the first 3-year cycle.

Q: How did the new totals come about?
A: The Raw Classifications set by the Raw Committee in 2015 have been updated to include the last 3 years (2016-2018) of raw data from our results database. Only raw totals where at least one squat, one bench and on deadlift were recorded (37,895 lines of data!).

PLUS In divisions/classes that have historically been large the Open division/class qualifying total is increased to meet the 3 year average of the 30th place total. Similarly for the large age categories (T1-Jr, M1 and M2) the qualifying total is increased to meet the 14th place total.

Q: When are the totals effective?
A: They go into effect for 2019 Raw Nationals

Q: Do those that have previously qualified during 2018 but don’t meet the new QT’s need to re-qualify?
A: Yes

Q: How long will the new totals be valid, will they be reviewed yearly or every 2 years…….?
A: Raw QTs will be analyzed every 3 years, unless numbers significantly change between that period.

Q: I am not certain I can make the qualifying total, but really want to compete at Nationals.  Is there another way I can?
A: YES!  Top 3 placings in any division at the 2019 Regionals will automatically qualify for that same division at Nationals, regardless of whether they meet the qualifying total or not.