The following article appears in the February 1998 issue of Clean Power:

This month’s article will focus on important recent developments in the supplement industry and how these developments affect USA Powerlifting drug tests.

Elsewhere in this issue (of Clean Power) you will find a statement from the Drug Testing Committee regarding positive drug tests and recent developments in the supplement industry. READ IT VERY SERIOUSLY!!!

The information in it is very important.

One of the recent trends I have observed is a lot of lifters are taking substances that can or will elevate their Testosterone/Epitestosterone ratio and could also test the athlete positive for various anabolic steroids. I want all USA Powerlifting members to realize several things:

  1. Taking substances/supplements that elevate your T/E ratio above 6 to 1 and/or test positive for anabolic steroids is illegal and will result in a suspension from USA Powerlifting.
  2. The taking of any supplement that will elevate your natural testosterone levels is dangerous as this is externally and without proper knowledge manipulating your natural hormone levels (see my previous article on DHEA two issues back). This can cause other domino effect problems for other areas of the body.

In June of 1996, the NGB voted that we follow the banned substance list of the USOC. For lifters to become better educated about what is and what is not a banned substance, I suggest the following:

  1. Contact the USOC Drug Hotline at 800-233-0393 to ask questions.
  2. Check out the USOC Drug Control Education web page for information on banned substances.

Please realize that you as a lifter are entirely responsible for whatever you put into your body. I, along with the entire Executive Committee, does not want to see lifters taking legal, over the counter supplements that contain USOC/USA Powerlifting banned substances that will cause a positive drug test and receive a suspension from our organization. I personally hate to see that. Please take the responsibility to educate yourself. Ask if you are not sure.

Next month I will get back to discussing training injuries. I have had many great comments regarding the last two articles about DHEA and cortisone. I will occasionally switch from discussing training injuries to writing nutritional articles. Until then, lift strong and lift smart!!

Please send your questions for the Sports Medicine Committee to:

Dr. Michael Hartle
3835 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Ft. Wayne, IN, 46804.

If you would like a personal response, please send a SASE with $2.00 to cover additional postage and other expenses. I also welcome your comments on the committee/column.