Women’s Hall of Fame – 2009

Cyndi Regan’s – Photo Slide Show Presentation

Cyndi’s lifting accomplishments:

Cyndi has lifted in over 130 competitions and for over 20 years!


Cyndi was the first woman in the world to have benched 330 lbs. “Drug Free” (tested) She did this at the women’s masters and then set the record at the first Bench press Nationals for ADFPA held in St. Louis, MO.-at the age of 42!

Cyndi held 13 WDFPF world records between Open & Masters until 2000, dominating the 90+ weight group for the majority of years in the 1990’s.

World Championships

Cyndi was a multi National and Open Division winner as well.

Herb Glossbrenner has her listed as the 3rd place all time ADFPA greatest women’s champion- Powerlifting USA 1998. He also has her listed as one of the women in the top 50 all-time 90+ ( all lifts/total), and she is a member of the Women’s All-Time 300+ Bench Press Club.


What is your personal background?

Born on Mother’s Day, 5/9/1948 in WI. Rapids, WI. Graduated from WI. Rapids Lincoln High School in 1967 , College, 1971 with a Bachelors in Sociology and 1975 with a Masters in College Student Personnel- from the University of WI. System

What is your athletic background?

Athletically, competed in sports from childhood. they include, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Racquetball, and Powerlifting.

How did you get interested in powerlifting?

Interest in Powerlifting came through racquetball strength training. I was doing leg presses and found myself watching to young guys squatting. They were making such a racket trying to do 205 pounds. I waited till they left because I wanted to try the weight. I figured since I was pushing 220 pounds on the universal with one leg that I could at least do what they were with both my legs. Did and more. Took a liking to it and began in ernst.

What are the highlights and most memorable events in powerlifting for you?

My most memorable event was my first worlds. Sweden 1986.

What other promotionals achievements have you made in powerlifting?

I was the Educational Chairman for the ADFPA for several years. I spent a great deal of time talking to High School/College Athletes in reference to steroids and drug free lifting .

Who influenced you in powerlifting?

My biggest influence in powerlifting came from Jan Todd.

What worlds of advice would you give to other lifters?

Always keep your perspective and set realistic goals, this will keep the injuries down.
Never and I mean never compromise yourself or your reputation, its all you come into this world with and will be there long after you leave.

Did you compete between 1998 and 2006? What made you take the time off? What made you come back?

Did I compete between 1998 and 2006? Yes, but mainly in bench competitions. I had other things that kept me very busy. Mostly job related and with teen-agers. I’ve been involved with the New York Special Olympics Powerlifting. I’ve been the Head Judge for that venue the past 8 years.I also have been very involved with the local ASPCA and work with fostering abused animals. It has taken up a good deal of practice time. Most recently I have gotten back into lifting, mainly because I am in the 60-65 year old group and want to show myself I’ve still got it.

What are your future plans in powerlifting?

To compete in my new age group. Starting the training this spring. Also training a group of you people for bench competition. Their first meet will be in April of 2009.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m looking forward to competing again.

Cyndi’s other achievements:


Illinois Cooperative Extension Service
Issue: 34
October 6, 1993

Congratulations to Cyndi Regan for her spellbinding presentations on chemical awareness to more than 1,000 athletes, parents, and coaches at Shephard and Eisenhower high schools in south suburban Cook County. The CES South Cook CES Unit sponsored Cyndi’s presentations. Many in attendance stayed well past the end of her presentations to ask Cyndi about such matters as nutrition, training, and prescription drugs. Cyndi’s commitment to drug-free, healthy living and athletics showed, as she spoke about her personal experiences as a career youth educator, an international champion in powerlifting, and chair of the Education Committee of the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Association.

2009 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

A few words about Cyndi from fellow powerliftr, friend and 2008 Hall of Fame inductee Besty Ojanen:

The first time I met Cyndi was at my first ADFPA nationals in 1988 in Tempe. She had her game face on and looked
pretty intimidating! Who would image she’d become one of my best friends in powerlifting?!

Cyndi was always competitive, intense, and a great sportswoman. Cyndi and I learned that we had similar opening lifts in squats and would pace each other during warm ups, always ready to pull up straps on lifting suits, confer over next attempts, and cheer each other on. She’d consistently out bench me but again, we’d warm up together, and one thing that struck me about Cyndi (much different then my experience in the USPF nationals) she’d be more than accomodating if someone needed a warm up weight and she had to unload the bar! A great sportswoman!

When we were at the 1990 World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships in Meaux, France, Cyndi and I both decided to go for world record squat attempts! 500lbs!! I missed my last attempt and took a huge jump to get to 500 but that’s what I’d been raining for and dreaming of! I got crushed like a bug, Cyndi was just a bit high but looked solid!

I remember one meet, nationals some year, in Chicago. Everyone was going out to dinner and Dann, my husband, and I had no transportation. Cyndi, living in Iowa at the time, had driven up to the meet. Cyndi offered to give us a ride. Cyndi, and I think Jane, Dann and me in a GEO METRO!!!!!! Poor car was well over it’s load capacity!

One thing Cyndi discovered early on was that being a heavy weight, she didn’t have a great number of competitors. Oh sure, excellent competition, but not a lot of them. Consequently the judges at many meets we not used to seeing a big woman go below parallel! Too many times she lost good squats because of inexperience in the side chairs. I mentioned to Cyndi that we should use chalk to mark and “X” on her hip and if the “X” disappeared she had to have broken parallel. It worked many times and became a habit in meets.

She was a hard working woman and a great champion. She never talked bad about her competition and relished a challenge and was fun to be around, even if she scared the daylights out of me the first time I laid eyes on her!



2009 Women’s Hall of Fame Sponsors:

USA Powerlifting
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