Women’s Hall of Fame – 2010

Harriet’s Induction & Photo Slide Show Presentation

Harriet, born and raised in South Carolina, moved to Alaska at 26 years old and has been working as a nurse for 41 years.

She started powerlifting in 1998 at the age 48 (she is now 61). The attributes her introduction to powerlifting through Kate Dingle-Craig, being coached by Larry Maile and being part of the Alaska Iron Maidens.

Harriet has grown tremendously in the sport, starting out with a mere 800lb Total in her first meet, to her current Best lifts of a 601 lbs Squat; 352 lbs Bench; 501 lbs Deadlift and 1416 Total. With that, she has broken over 50 IPF World Records, countless American and National Meet records, still holding 16 of them.

With that, Harriet has also won Nationals Open Class (as a Master lifter) in 2000, 2005 & 2009 and has participated in Open Worlds in ’02, ’03, ’04, the World Games in ’01 and the Arnold Sports Festival in ’09. She has been won countless Master Nationals and Master World Titles as well.

Career highlights include coaching Special Olympian, World Medalist Bobby Hill, winning the ’05 PanAmericans, ’01 World Games in Akita, Japan and participating in the Arnold Sports Festival. In Harriet’s words, ‘That was cool!’

Harriet would like to thank her coach, Larry Maile for mentoring her throughout her entire career. “I believed what he said I could lift.”

Her words of wisdom to other lifters:

“Don’t be afraid of the weight and just do it. Correct your form and have fun.”

~ Harriet Hall



“Harriet proved that age is no impediment to competing at the elite level and that you can start at any point in your life and reach the world stage if you are determined enough, work hard enough and aren’t afraid to improve.”

~ Larry Maile



“Harriet has not only lifted incredible numbers over the years, been a multi-masters world champion, open team member, and holds numerous world records. She has done all of this at 55+ years of age and brings her own sparkle and flair while doing it. Truly amazing!”

~ Jessica O’Donnell



“Her lifting was, and is, an inspiration to all. She is One-Of-A-Kind!”

~ Jim Ford


2000 Open Worlds

Harriets’s Bio:

Age: 61
Living inAlaska for 35 Years
Nurse for 41 years


Began Lifting:
1998 @ 48 Years old

First Meet did around an 800 Total, just missing 350 DL

First Nationals:
Lincoln NE 1999;
198+ Class 336sq; 220 bench; 407 dl; 964 Total

Won Open Nationals in 2000, 2005 & 2009

Best Lifts:
601 Sq; 352 Bench; 501 Deadlift and 1416 Total


State Open:

American 60+

World Records:

Currently held World Records

International Highlights:

Career Highlights:


What is your personal background?

I was born and raised in South Carolina. I moved to Alaska at 26 years old and have been working as a nurse for 41 years.

What is your athletic background?

I have done sports all my life including softball, golf, intramurals in school, and pistol shooting.

When did you start lifting:

In 1998 at the age of 48. Meet totaled around 800, missing a 350 deadlift.

2001 World Games – Akita, Japan


How did you get interested powerlifting?

Kate Dingle-Craig introduced me to powerliftng and to Larry Maile. Larry had been coaching Kate for 15 years and was one of his first national level lifters. I became one of the Alaska Iron Maidens.

First Nationals:

Lincoln NE 1999; 198+ Class 336sq; 220 bench; 407 dl; 964 Total
The following year WON the `198 Open class, totaling 1058
Won Open Class 2000, 2005 & 2009


I have broken the IPF World Record more than 50 times (I don’t know exactly how many time). I still have 16 American Records and 16 National

National Titles:

I have won the Master’s I two times, the Master’s II many times, and have won the III once.

World Titles:

I have been IPF World Master Champion 9 times and have lifted in the Open World Championships three times: 2000, 2003, 2004. I lifted in the World Games in 2001 in Akita City, Japan.

What are your lifting highlights and the most memorable events in powerlifting for you?

Being Bobby Hill’s Coach. He is a Special Olympics World Medalist. That was an awesome experience. Also one of my best experiences was to win the Pan American Championships Open Championship. I also got to lift in the Arnold Sports Festival in 2009. That was so cool!

Who influenced you in powerlifting?

Without a doubt that would be Larry Maile. He mentored me through my entire lifting career. I believed what he said I could lift.


Most memorable powerlifters in your career?

The Alaska iron Maidens. I learned from all of them: Jennifer Maile, Priscilla Ribic, Regina Hackney. Also Liz Willett (Storm), Ellen Stein, Sue Hallen, Justin Maile, Jessica Watkins.

What words of advice would you give to other lifters?

Don’t be afraid of the weight and just do it. Correct your form and have fun.

What are your future plans in powerlifting?

Keep lifting but no competition for now. I will follow all of you to see how you are doing. I am lifting with Dusty Farrow (new Open national competitor) right now an d coaching him some. He will do awesome at nationals.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank Larry Maile for all that he has done for me in powerlifting. He is an awesome coach and a good friend. He has taught me how to powerlift and how to ride motorcycles. I have had a blast with both of these. He is like a brother. It has been an honor to say that I am a powerlifter and I have met some of the best people the world because I am a powerlifter. Thank you.

Harriet Squats 601 in 2006!


Coach Jim Ford’s Nomination Letter for Harriet:

Many are qualified, but as in all things in life, timing can be critical in the spotlight falling on the most deserving. For those who achieve greatness at the peak of their youth and strength, it can be like watching the coronation of royalty. Rarely, does an athlete who has gone past a half century ever make an impact on a sport, that is a standard for all to aim for. Those who do, are certainly,few and far between.

Also, stimulating is observing and athlete who competes just for the shear joy of the challenge.

I would like to nominate a phenomenal Women athlete with the heart of a true champion; a POWERLIFTING ICON, ………..MS.HARRIET HALL.

Winner of multiple OPEN & Master National Titles.

As best can be figured, set or broke over 70 IPF WORLD RECORDS.
At present, I believe she has no less than 10 IPF WORLD RECORDS(MWR) still on the books.

Member of 2001 TEAM USA at the WORLD GAMES in Akita,Japan setting (4) IPF Master World records.

In international competition has done lifts of:
255kgs(562lbs) SQUAT
157.5 KGS(347 lbs) BP
612.5kgs(1350 lbs) TOTAL!
All these done within the last decade!!!(DOB 1948, do the math!)

A lifetime drug-free lifter, cornerstone of the Alaskan IRON MAIDEN championship teams; winner of spots on multiple USA World Teams; she has medaled while being the oldest lifter in the IPF Open Women’s competition. That in itself, must be some kind of record.

Year after year, putting up huge numbers, beyond belief for someone in her bracket; for that matter ANY division. Her lifting was,and is, an inspiration to all. Being a great Master lifter takes a special kind of courage. When you talk about determination, guts, and just plain toughness; all while having a heart of gold; then you’ve described Ms. Harriet Hall.

The USA Powerlifting could not advance the name of a better role model or a more dedicated lifter to the feds ideals, than this regal lady,who shines on and off the platform. Surely as can be, she is our kind of “natural” and there must be no doubt that this is her “time” to shine and be recognized. She’s the real deal. I was honored to have seen her compete,and triumph at an age when others had long given up the battle to excel. What a STANDARD she has set for future Women Lifters! We will not see her achievements surpassed easily, if ever. Time for the spotlight to shine on this courageous and unique champion.


Coach Jim Ford

2010 Women’s Hall of Fame Sponsors:

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George Marts
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