2020 Raw Nationals Qualifying Totals Announced

The qualifying totals for 2020 Raw Nationals have now been published.  [National Qualifying Totals]

Why were they adjusted?
We strive to provide an exceptional experience for your national event. Events rely heavily on having enough referees and volunteers to make that happen. It is important to keep the size of the event manageable for those aspects.

How were the QTs adjusted?

QTs were analyzed and adjusted the following way to balance out the weight classes and divisions throughout the entire event:

    • If there were more than 20 lifters in a wt class/age division in 2019, the average of all lifters in that group was used for the 2020 QT.
    • If there were between 10 and 20 lifters in 2019, the QT was set at 10th place.
    • If there were less than 10 lifters, the QT remained the same.
    • If a wt class/age division with a QT had no lifters in 2019, then the QT was set no higher than the 10th ranked lifter in that wt class/age division for 2019. In some wt class/age division there were less than 10 lifters during 2019.

How do I achieve a qualifying total?
The new qualifying totals needs to be achieved from 1/1/2019 up to the deadline for the entry for 2020 Raw Nationals. This can be done at any sanctioned USA Powerlifting event, including Regionals.

* The Raw Nationals website is currently being updated for 2020 Raw National information, entry, hotel, etc.   We anticipate completion of the updates by the beginning of December.