Thursday, August 16, 2018

All Membership Cards are delivered via email immediately after payment.  Please make sure to add to your email contacts. 

All memberships expire Dec 31 of year purchased (Memberships purchased Nov/Dec expire the following year-end.)

ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  Please make sure you are purchasing a membership for a USA Powerlifting (USA Powerlifting) event.

Warning: Hotmail, Live and .edu email accounts do not always pass through your membership cards.  We encourage you to use Gmail or Yahoo for your membership information.

Non-U.S. Citizens, please Read prior to purchasing your membership.

Paper Membership Applications (there is an additional $10 fee for paper applications)

Enjoy the Benefits with Membership:
-Access to participate in Local, Regional & National sanctioned USA Powerlifting events
-Training opportunities with certified coaches and club teams
-Voting Privileges
-USA Powerlifting Newsletter
-USA Powerlifting Online Magazine
-Secondary Sports Accident & General Liability Insurance

As a member, you are now eligible for:
-National Ranking
-International Competitions
-State and National Records
-National & International Team coaching
-Compete in USA Powerlifting registered clubs
-Awards Recognition
-Nomination and Elected Committees
-Volunteer Opportunities

Privacy Policy – USA Powerlifting Employees, Board Members, Officers and Volunteers are responsible for the security of any confidential member and organizational information to which they have access. They have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary, confidential and sensitive information, documents and data concerning USA Powerlifting, its staff, members and organizations. USA Powerlifting Employees, Board Members, Officers and Volunteers will not discuss or divulge internal business or member information concerning any of the above entities except to (1) the extent necessary for the normal conduct of business and (2) those that are specifically authorized to receive such information.  By registering as a member, you acknowledge and accept this policy.