Logo and Intellectual Property Usage Policy

USA Powerlifting® (USAPL) Policy Regarding Usage of its Logo and other Intellectual Property:

Any member or organization must complete and return the Form called, USAPL Application to Use the USAPL Logo or other USAPL Intellectual Property (hereinafter “USAPL Logo Usage Form”), for approval before the USAPL name, logo or any of its intellectual property may be used.

Any intellectual property, which includes but not limited to the USA Powerlifting logo, the name USA Powerlifting, USAPL, shall not be used by anyone without completing this form and without written approval.

If there is any member or organization who is currently using the USAPL logo or Intellectual Property without USAPL permission, please complete the form and return it for written permission.

If usage is approved, the USAPL logo shall not be changed in anyway, and shall always be displayed with the “TM” or “®” on the logo. Any derivation of the logo shall be cause to terminate the usage permission.

All artwork must be submitted for approval through Artwork Form below prior to use or publicizing.

Please direct any inquiries or questions regarding this policy or the USAPL Logo Usage Form or general usage of the USAPL logo to the National Office at nationaloffice(at)usapowerlifting.com

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