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If you are interested in the USA Powerlifting Collegiate Committee’s Scholarship Program, you will need to fill out the application located here: Scholarship Program Application.

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Just a brief update here from the chairman, Jon Magendie. Motions 1 and 4 listed below were recently approved at the 2003 annual NGB meeting. They will go into effect immediately. In the near future, be on the look out for a monthly statement from Jon as well as a guest columnist each month.

Thursday, April 24, 2003 9:27:29 PM

The following motions were passed at the 2003 Collegiate Committee Meeting. The motions that deal with the USA Powerlifting By-Laws will be brought up before the NGB meeting in July.

  1. Team competition (at Collegiate Nationals) shall be limited to teams composed of lifters all attending the same school; to wit: there shall be no teams entered that do not represent eligible institutions.
  2. (re: proof of good standing and full time status) Proof (from school) shall be provided by the lifter either along with entry form (sent to meet director)or provided upon check-in/registration.
  3. Investigate and encourage creation of collegiate regions with intent to have a collegiate lifting schedule and promote participation of intercollegiate powerlifting.
  4. Allow one year extension of age-limit for prior military or religious service, pending approval by the Collegiate Committee; said request to be submitted six months in advance of the pending Collegiate Nationals.
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