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    • WADA Disclaimer – RE: Associating (ie, Competing, Coaching, Training, etc) with a person serving a period of ineligibility.
    • From the 2015 WADA CODE:[Comment to Article 2.10: Athletes and other Persons must not work, trainers, physicians or other Athlete Support Personnel who are Ineligible on account of an anti-doping rule violation or who have been criminally convicted or professionally disciplined in relation to doping. Some examples of the types of association which are prohibited include: obtaining training, strategy, technique, nutrition or medical advice; obtaining therapy, treatment or prescriptions; providing any bodily products for analysis; or allowing the Athlete Support Person to serve as an agent or representative. Prohibited association need not involve any form of compensation.]
USA Powerlifting Athlete Locator Form (ALF)

The following ALF form is for providing detailed contact information of all USA Powerlifting athletes who are notified you are in the Registered Testing Pool or the Major Events Testing Pool (ie, National Team Members or any USA Powerlifting Athlete instructed to do so), to help the administration with performing Out-of-Meet tests. The form is to be filled out online by the stated deadline each quarter and is automatically submitted to the Anti-Doping Chair responsible for OMTs. Failure to submit your ALF by the deadline, or to keep your whereabouts accurate will result in removal from teams and suspension.

USA Powerlifting Anti-Doping Rules

Athlete Retirement Form

Note from the USA Powerlifting TUE Chair Dr. Kris Hunt (12/2016):

With the recent doping failures, the TUE committee will be making more regular announcements regarding Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE).

Any medication that you are on should be cross-checked (by YOU) on the database:

If you have a medication that is prescribed that appears on this list, you need to file for a TUE.

TUE’s need to be received NO LATER than 6 weeks prior to your intended competition. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and YOURS ALONE to ensure the proper paperwork is submitted on time.

A couple of items worth mentioning:

1. Testosterone or any derivatives thereof will not be approved by historical precedent in our organization.

2. We are having mountains of TUE requests for Adderall or similar stimulants for ADHD. For those of you that are not aware, many medications used for the treatment of ADHD are amphetamines. If abused, they can enhance performance. We are not going to question your diagnosis of ADHD; however, we are now asking for more substantive information regarding your diagnosis. A letter from your doctor stating, “she/he has a hard time concentrating at work/school” will not suffice. We are now requiring formal ADHD testing via a primary care provider or psychiatrist. This is to ensure the integrity of the sport, as Adderall is now being abused in epidemic proportions, with and without a physician’s prescription.

3. A TUE done for USA Powerlifting is NOT sufficient for international competition. ARNOLD COMPETITORS: be very, VERY aware of this. You will need to submit a SEPARATE TUE for the Arnold and any other IPF competition to the IPF directly.

2008 USA Powerlifting Doping Control Report

Within the 2008 Calendar year, the USA Powerlifting conducted a total of 798 drug tests with the following breakdown:

  • Total tests done by Quest Diagnostics: 769
  • Total Tests done by UCLA, Cologne Labs: 29
  • Positive tests: 13
  • In Competition Tests: 700
  • Out of Meet Tests: 98
 2005 USA Powerlifting Doping Control Report

Within the 2005 Calendar year, the USA Powerlifting conducted a total of 716 drug tests with the following breakdown:

  • Quest Lab tests: 648, 21 positives
  • UCLA Lab tests: 68, 3 positives
  • Total In Meet Tests (IMT): 716
  • Total Out of Meet Tests (OMT): 36
2004 USA Powerlifting Doping Control Report

Within the 2004 Calendar year, the USA Powerlifting conducted a total of 827 drug tests with the following breakdown:

  • Quest Lab tests: 781, 27 positives
  • UCLA Lab tests: 46, 2 positives
  • Total In Meet Tests (IMT): 701
  • Total Out of Meet Tests (OMT): 126

Larry Maile, USA Powerlifting President

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