Accepting Bids for 2023 USA Powerlifting Regionals


Since 2016, Regionals had been growing at a steady pace. In 2020, Covid forced a temporary halt to Regionals, but our members have been looking forward to their resurrection  as they were a perfect ‘summer’ meet or even a last-minute tune-up or qualifier for Raw Nationals. Regionals allow for a National Meet experience at the local level.

We are now accepting bids for 2023 Regionals. All regions are open for bid except for the Northeast Region. The meet directors who had been awarded the 2020 Regionals were given right of first refusal to host 2023 Regionals.

Submit Bids: 2023 Bid Form

All bids are due by August 31st at 5pm EST.



  • Only USA Powerlifting state members within the Region can compete in their designated Regionals. Guest lifters (i.e., lifters from a state outside of the region) are allowed but they will not be eligible for awards. Guest lifters may set state and American records and may earn a qualifying total for a national meet. Guest lifters are subject to all normal rules of competition and must meet the same qualifying criteria to enter the meet.
  • Top 3 placings in any division that requires a qualifying total at Raw Nationals and Open Nationals will be awarded a +50kg handicap that will be applied to their total. The total achieved at Regionals plus the +50kg handicap must be equal to or greater than the Qualifying Total (QT) for the Raw/Open National meet that the lifter enters.
  • The QT for Regionals is 75kg. The QT must have been achieved at a USA Powerlifting sanctioned 3-lift meet since January 1 of the previous year.
  • 2023 Regionals will consist of 8 Regions.
  • National or higher referees are required to officiate as Chief Referees.
  • Eligible referees who have been approved by the Technical Committee can sit for their National Referee test.
  • A 3-member jury of National, Cat I or Cat II Referees is preferred.
  • American Records can be set at Regionals providing there are 3 National or higher referees judging the lift.
  • Regionals are qualifiers for Raw/Open Nationals – Only open and age divisions are allowed, including Adaptive Athletes and MX division. Only full meet, 3-lift competition is allowed.
  • All equipment is allowed that meets USA Powerlifting technical standards.
  • Access to the warmup area and the coaching area at all USA Powerlifting sanctioned Regional and National events is restricted to USA Powerlifting members in good standing. This applies to athletes, officials, referees, and coaches.
  • USA Powerlifting will design the logos, medals, and backdrops.
  • Regionals will take place June to August of 2023
  • Registration for all regions will open on February 1, 2023
  • There will no longer be blackout dates for local meets
  • Entry deadline is 4 weeks out from the start of each Regional.
  • The registration fee for all 2023 Regional events will be a minimum of $125. Extra fees and add-ons are at the discretion of the meet director.


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