July 12, 2001

Since March of 2000, I have been the Drug Testing (DT) Chairman. What that means is I oversee and direct the DT of USA Powerlifting. I also send out the letters to notify the athletes when they fail a drug test and set-up the Out of Meet Tests (OMT) on the various athletes in our organization. After I took over the duties as the DT Chair, I decided to start keeping track of all DT done by USA Powerlifting. What that entails is whether the test results are either negative or positive, I track them. Everything about the test is placed into a database for future use. One of the interesting aspects of doing this is I am able to track a history of testosterone to epitestosterone ratios (TE Ratio) on each athlete, negative or not. This enables me to see a deviation of an athlete’s normal or average TE ratio. For example, if athlete A averages over 12 tests a TE ratio around 1.2 and has a negative test come back with a TE ratio of 3.8, that athlete may be selected for an OMT as there was a substantial increase in their TE ratio from the normal levels seen for them. This will continue to be an ongoing project as I will be tracking all 700+ drug tests done every year.

The following are some interesting trends and results of tracking this information from March 1, 200 to May 1, 2001.

Michael A. Hartle, D.C., D.A.C.B.N., C.C.N., C.C.S.P., C.S.C.S.
USA Powerlifting Executive Committee Board Member
Chairman, USA Powerlifting Sports Medicine Committee
Chairman, USA Powerlifting Drug Testing Committee