Fourteen Day Deadline for Weight Class Changes at All National Meets

An NGB Proposal to set a 14-day deadline for weight class changes at Nationals has been passed and will take effect immediately.

National Events (High School,Collegiate, Open, Raw, Military, and Bench Press)
All weight class changes must be made 14 days prior to the start of the National competition.
What if you fail to weigh-in within your indicated weight class?
You will:
  • Compete as a guest lifter, with your originally scheduled weight class.
  • Be eligible as an alternate for national team selection, ranked at the bottom of the alternate pool based on your weight at weigh-in.

Example: if you were on the roster as a 72kg lifter,  but weighed in as an 84kg lifter,  you will compete in the 72kg session as a guest.

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