2010 Coach of the Year Recipient

I am honored to nominate Jim Brown for Coach of the Year.Jim Brown has been a member of USA Powerlifting since 1986. He is an outstanding lifter. He is a 14- time ADFPA/USA Powerlifting Pennsylvania State Champion — The most state titles by any member in Pennsylvania. Jim is also a 3-time IPF/NAPF North American Champion and finished 4th at the 2008 IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championship, 1st at the IPF Pan-American Championships, 10th at the 2009 IPF Men’s Open World Championships and 1st at the 2009 National Masters Championships.

Not only is Jim a very good lifter, he is also an excellent coach as well! He has coached the USA Women’s Team at the IPF/NAPF North American Championships the past three consecutive years. During this time, the Women’s Team has gone undefeated and won three consecutive team titles. This is a testament to Jim’s hard work and excellent coaching ability to not organize and manage a team, but also train and coach the lifters in his charge – Teaching with positive results! Jim’s efforts have been instrumental in building a very strong program and his hard work and sacrifice contributes immensely to one if not the largest and most successful women’s sports programs in America.

Most importantly as Jim’s Coach this past year at the 2010 IPF Men’s World Open Championships, on his volition, set many hours of his time aside to coach the Women’s Team from Indonesia. Being without a coach, he immediately stepped in to assist the lifters from another nation in need, even despite the negative effects that it would have had on his own platform performance – A true testament to his character and sportsmanship!

Despite the many accolades, Jim remains a most humble and approachable person, who will take time to share his knowledge with others in the sport of Powerlifting – the sign of a very good coach. On a final note, it goes without saying that Brother Bennett, the founder of the ADFPA/USA Powerlifting, who had the vision and foresight to establish an organization that specifically focused on the concept of “drug-free powerlifting” with an emphasis of Mens Sana in Corpore Sana – A Sound Mind in a Sound Body, which has now moved from a national phenomenon, to an international standard for all sports to measure themselves against, would be most honored and proud of Jim Brown receiving this award!


Robert Keller
Chairman, Technical Committee

Personal life

I am 44 years old.
Married to Janel Brown and we have been married 11 years.
No children, 2 dogs Hoosier and Roadie and 2 cats Sif and Idon (don’t ask me, my wife named the cats)
My hobbies are hunting and racing. I build my own race cars from the ground up and I built my own home- cleared the land, designed and engineered the home, put together every stick and nail by myself.


Powerlifting Career

Started lifting weights at age 11.
My first ever competition was the 1986 ADFPA North Americans held in Hanover high school in Wilkes-Barre , PA
Consistent member with the ADFPA / USA Powerlifting since 1986
14 time ADFPA / USA Powerlifting PA State Champion
3 Time IPF /NAPF North American Champion
2008 Women’s team head coach for North Americans in Aruba
2008 4th place at IPF Masters Worlds USA Powerlifting 2009 National Governing Body Agenda Page 10 of 14
2009 Women’s team Head coach for North Americans in Miami
2009 10th place IPF Open Worlds
2009 IPF Worlds I was asked to coach the Women’s team from Indonesia – it was very difficult with the language barrier but it was my honor to do what I could for them.
2010 USA Powerlifting NATIONAL M-1 National Champion
2010 Women’s team head coach for North Americans


Professional life

I started Brown’s Gym Inc. December 1992
I started in a little 2300 square foot location and since expanded 4 different times to current location and is now in a 25, 000 square foot location with more than 3000 members. Brown’s Gym is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Currently employ 53 full and part time employees
We offer health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacations, and 401 k plans, to our full time employees.
I have a second company Named JAB Motor sports Marketing Inc. Started 2001
Involving Business Advertising Placement on a NASCAR Late Model Race Car
Displaying the car at major arenas, race tracks and businesses
Maintenance, rebuilding, and finally racing the car
Current National and local corporate sponsorships include
Roto – Rooter
Scranton / Wilkes- Barre Pioneers Football
GEM 107.7 radio station
5 Star Bodies
Brown’s Gym Inc.
Phil’s Auto Body

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