2010 Brother Bennett Recipient

To the USA Powerlifting National Governing Body:
It is with great pleasure and an honor for me to nominate Priscilla Ribic for one of USA Powerlifting’s most prestigious honors- the Brother Bennett Award.
The award is presented to persons who provide extraordinary service to the athletes of our organization and demonstrate leadership in furthering the cause of drug free sport. There are few, if any, who meet the criteria of this award more than Priscilla.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand how Priscilla’s outstanding achievements and dedicated service have made significant contributions to promote drug free powerlifting, advance women’s powerlifting and provide tremendous support to the growth of USA Powerlifting.

As an athlete, Priscilla has achieved unparalleled success on the platform. Priscilla began competing in the sport in December 1999. Since that time, Priscilla has become of the most decorated lifters of our time. To summarize (as of the time of this nomination)
7-time Open powerlifting national champion
3-time Open bench press national champion
Numerous American & national meet records
10-time IPF Open world team member (powerlifting and bench press)
4-time IPF Open powerlifting and bench press world champion
7 Open IPF World records broken
2 time World Games participant and silver medalist
2009 inductee into the IPF Hall of Fame

Priscilla’s success on the platform, combined with her being drug tested over 30 times at every level, has made her of one of the most recognizable figures in the sport while serving as a role model for many women- young and old- (and many men as well) and being a great ambassador and example of drug-free lifting.
Priscilla has also been a dedicated leader in advancing women’s powerlifting. She has served as a member and Chair of the USA Powerlifting Women’s Committee and led the effort to establish a USA Powerlifting Women’s Hall of Fame. She acted as the Women’s World Team Manager from 2005 to 2008. Prior to that, Priscilla created the USA Powerlifting Women’s Team Calendar fund raiser project from 2002 to 2004.

Over the last decade, Priscilla has committed considerable time and effort to promote awareness of and revenue growth to USA Powerlifting by overseeing the development and implementation of the USA Powerlifting e-store, supporting the expansion of the USA Powerlifting merchandising program, producing content for online and printed newsletter communications and assisting as webmaster for the USA Powerlifting national website. Most recently, Priscilla has been largely responsible for developing and coordinating the USA Powerlifting events at the Arnold Sports Festival, a project that has brought unprecedented interest and attention to our sport, and to USA Powerlifting.

As an advocate and champion of USA Powerlifting members, Priscilla has served as an athlete’s representative and currently serves as a member of the IPF Athletes Commission. On behalf of USA Powerlifting, she has served as a referee, meet director, State Chair and sponsor.

To close, Priscilla has amassed a distinguished career of achievement and service to USA Powerlifting that is unmatched.

I respectfully request that the governing body recognize Priscilla’s years of dedicated service by bestowing upon her this year’s Brother Bennett Award, our organization’s highest honor.

Respectfully submitted,
Lance Slaughter


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