How to Compete on an International Team

Any athlete wishing to compete at any international event must be nominated by USA Powerlifting. USA Powerlifting is solely responsible for the nomination of athletes and has the final say in those nominations. Please be advised that meeting the criteria for a national team does NOT guarantee an athlete’s nomination. USA Powerlifting may deny nomination to anyone for any reason.

 Contact IS NOT to be made directly with the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF).

 The current procedure to be considered for nomination for international competition:

1. Become a USA Powerlifting member.

 2. Compete at a USA Powerlifting sanctioned local or regional meet. Achieve at least the required total that will qualify you for the necessary USA Powerlifting National Championship (e.g., high school, collegiate, open, raw, bench) in your weight class and/or age division. The necessary totals can be found at

3. Compete at the appropriate USA Powerlifting National Championship. Achieve a result that meets the qualifying criteria for the specific national team. The current qualifying criteria and team selection process can be found