USA Powerlifting International Membership


November 30, 2021

USA Powerlifting International Membership Information

USA Powerlifting competitions are open to international lifters who wish to compete on a drug-tested platform against the strongest powerlifters in the world. 

Historically, we have had international members who, with the permission of their home country, competed with us. Permission is no longer required if you meet the terms and conditions of our membership. Currently, we have 64 different nations represented by our international membership, with growing interest from many other nations. Our international members will now be able to compete under their country’s flag at USA Powerlifting events.

Criteria for International Member participation in meets:

  • Local Meets – Compete for placing
  • State Championships – Compete as International Guest
  • National meets (with the exception of Collegiates) – Compete as International Guest
  • Collegiate Nationals or Collegiate Only events – Complete for placing
  • Arnold events – Compete for placing
  • Pro Series Events – Invitation Only

Criteria to Referee

  • May referee meets based on their current referee level. (ie, must achieve National or higher to referee National level meets)
  • Are eligible to sit for referee exams with the same criteria as any other member.

International memberships can be accessed on our membership page.  

Additional information regarding records, international events, results, and other questions will be developed by our International Committee in the future. We will release new details as they become available.

Below is an example of an international member card.

We look forward to seeing you on the USA Powerlifting platform!