Q: Why are you using different weight classes?

A: The MX category weight classes mirror that of LGBT Powerlifting Union. These weight classes are derived from the sports generic weight and ensure MX category athletes are provided as many opportunities as possible now, and in the future as we work towards national and international competition pathways for athletes to compete at a higher level.  The fourteen weight classes chosen are gender neutral and reflect the diversity in weigh classes across all genders.

Q: Who is LGBT Powerlifting and can I compete in their events?

A: LGBT Powerlifting Union is a group of athletes, with focus on giving LGBT+ Powerlifters representation with both mainstream and LGBT+ Sports organizations. Their registered athletes are global and they host the (LGBT International Powerlifting Championships (LGBT IPC) and they also host powerlifting in the Gay Games Powerlifting. LGBT IPC welcomes all abilities from novices, right through to World Champions. They were the first sports event in the world to introduce an optional MX third gender category in 2018 which served as a guide to our MX category. There are no qualification standards or restrictions for people to register for LGBT IPC all are welcome to participate.

Q: What is the difference between the Female, Male and MX categories?

A: The traditional categories of Female and Male are sex based. The MX is for all gender identities.

Q: Is this limited to transgender and non-binary athletes?

A: No, the MX category is open to USA Powerlifting athletes of all gender identities.

Q: Why is there a separate category for trans athletes?

A: Much like the biological differences between male and female, trans athletes also possess biological differences in terms of strength. USA Powerlifting’s traditional male and female s are based on sex. The MX category provides a safe, inclusive option for athletes of all genders and gender identities to compete within USA Powerlifting.

Q: Can I compete in both the Female(or Male) and MX in the same meet?

A: Within the same meet, you may not combine the two. Within each, you may add more categories, such as Open and Masters; Open and Teens, etc. Likewise, you may not combine raw with raw with wraps or equipped.

Q: If I lift in the MX category in a meet, can I lift in the Male (or Female) categories in a future meet or conversely, if I lifted in the Male(or Female), can I lift in the MX category at a future meet?

A: Yes, any athlete is eligible to compete in the MX. The traditional categories of Male and Female are based on sex for eligibility.

Q: Can records be set in this?

A: Yes, State records can be set in the MX category. As this develops with athlete participation, consideration will occur regarding American Records.

Q: Can I qualify for Nationals in the MX category?

Yes, any MX Total starting with 1/1/2021 will qualify for the MX category that will be included in Nationals beginning in 2022. We are planning for a year to help develop awareness and participation in this new category. More details coming soon.

Q: Can I qualify for one of the national teams?

A: The IPF does not currently offer an MX category. We hope to pave the path for one in the future, much like we did with raw powerlifting. For IPF international events, please refer to Qualifying Criteria and Team Selection Page

Q: Will I be drug tested in the MX category?

A: Yes, anti-doping rules apply to all athletes who compete with USA Powerlifting. As a MX athlete, if selected for drug testing, you will indicate whether you want to be tested by a male or female DCO (Doping Control Officer). More information regarding drug testing can be found on our Anti-Doping page.

Q: I am taking medication, do I need to do anything special?

A: Yes, the first step is to see if the medication you are taking is prohibited in (or out) of competition. You can look up your medication here: If your medication shows prohibited, you will then want to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). Due to the nature of powerlifting, not all TUEs are approved, such as testosterone, while others may be approved with conditions.

Q: Will future adjustment be made within the MX category as was done with the Raw division?

A: Yes, with any new category/division, it is impossible to know all the answers when it is first established. The Raw division started in 2007 and has gone through numerous changes through the years. We anticipate this to be the case with the MX category as well.

Q: How will weigh-ins be handled?

A: MX athletes will indicate whether they want to be weighed in by a female or male referee.

Q: I would like to sign up for a meet in the MX category, but do not see it listed as an option on the entry form.

A: We encourage you to contact the meet director about adding this to their event. As this is a newer category, much like the Youth division, it often gets left off of the entry forms. The National Office will be happy to help work with the meet director as well.

Have additional questions, please submit your question using the following Submit Questions form.

*This FAQ page will be updated periodically with commonly themed questions.

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