Notice of Updates to Apparel Policy

Announcement: Updates to Approved Apparel Policy

USA Powerlifting’s Executive Committee has updated the recently published Approved Apparel Policy in an effort to bring the policy back in line with IPF rules and to eliminate the subjectivity of the old policy as written.

The updated policy effective immediately:

1.1 Apparel may be plain, i.e of a single/multi-color fabric with no logos or emblems.

1.2 Apparel may bear the logo or emblem of;

    • Lifter or coach’s nation
    • Lifter or coach’s name
    • Event in which the lifter is competing or any previous USA Powerlifting, NAPF or IPF event.
    • USA Powerlifting 
    • USA Powerlifting Corporate Sponsors
    • IPF Approved equipment manufacturers
    • Lifter or coach’s registered USA Powerlifting club name or logo
    • Lifter or coach’s registered USA Powerlifting affiliate gym
    • Official High School and Collegiate logos at local, high school, and collegiate only meets
    • United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserves branch logos

1.3  The logos or emblems of commodity sportswear brands^ not on the “Approved List of IPF Equipment Manufacturers” nor on the addendum of approved logos or emblems established by this rule “Sponsor’s Logos”, may be worn only on t-shirts, shoes or socks, where the logo or emblem is printed or embroidered and is no more than 5 cm x 2 cm in size (note, manufacturer logo/emblems on shoes are exempt of the 5 cm x 2 cm requirement and may be any size.)

*All club and affiliate gym logos are subject to approval including variations of such logos
^Commodity sportswear brands examples include Nike, Adidas, Rebook, Asics, Champion

In the near future a list of approved logos will be published to

Edit Oct 10, 2019: Edits made are in italics or have a ‘strike through