USA Powerlifting International Competitions – Australia


February 24, 2022

USA Powerlifting International Competitions – Australia

(Anchorage, AK) Later this fall we will proudly welcome our first international competitions in Australia. After much planning and preparation, our international members will bring our electrifying brand of powerlifting competitions to the rest of the world.

Local-level meets will start this spring, with open, international competition to follow later in the year. We are also working with our Western European members to host competitions later in 2022.

The first competition in Australia will be called the USA Powerlifting Australia Open and will be available for USA Powerlifting members who are residents of the U.S and the host nation. We will be inviting all ages in the raw and equipped divisions, full power and bench only. Best lifters of the host nation will have the ability to earn their pro card and gain eligibility to compete in the USA Powerlifting Pro Series.

These meets are the first new opportunities for U.S athletes to compete abroad. Athletes and coaches will have an avenue to continue the fun of travel, international friendships, and intense international competition. We are actively exploring other international venues and opportunities in a number of countries, we will release information as we solidify plans.

We look forward to bringing USA Powerlifting’s brand of competition, and legitimate drug testing to our friends in other nations and welcome them to USA Powerlifting competition in the U.S. We are working with our North American partners to bring a North American Championship event, likely in 2023.

USA Powerlifting is not affiliated with any current national or international federations. Members abroad will be members of USA Powerlifting in good standing and with the benefits of membership and traditions of clean sport enjoyed by our domestic members.