Women’s Hall of Fame – 2005

Bettina Altizer

Born: October 26, 1962
Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
Began Lifting: 1983
Weight Class: 132

Bettina began powerlifting when she met strength coach John Gamble while attending the University of Virginia for her undergraduate degree. With six months of training under her belt, she entered her first meet competing in the 114 pound weight class and broke two state records. She could already squat 260 and bench 120 at this bodyweight. In 1984, she attended the Collegiate Nationals, which at that time fell under the sanction of the USPF. At this event, Bettina won her weight class, breaking three National Collegiate Records and was named Best Lifter. Bettina took a break for a few years as she made her way through law school and returned to the platform shortly before completing her degree.

Bettina entered her first ADFPA Women’s Nationals in 1989 and has remained committed to ethos of our organization ever since. Through out the 1990’s, Bettina had a very successful lifting career. Her accomplishments included 5 WDFPA World Titles and the IPF Women’s Championships in 1996. Her 1996 Open World Title was described as a “precision performance”, as she went 9 for 9 at that meet. Bettina’s achievements made her one of the best drug-free female lifters of the 1990’s. In the late 1990’s, Bettina experienced a hamstring injury that kept her from competing in full meets, but she remained active as a member of the National Bench Team. She attended two IPF Bench World meets. In 1997 and 2000 Bettina competed in IPF Bench World meets. In 1997 she also served as a coach.

Recovered from her injury, Bettina returned to the Women’s National platform in 2002 where she continues to dominate. She has won the past three Women’s Nationals in both the Open and Master divisions and seems to improve every year. In 2003, She placed 3rd in the IPF Open Worlds. Bettina accomplished this remarkable achievement at over forty years of age. That same year she won the IPF Master World Championships and took home best lifter. In addition, Bettina holds a number of American, National, and Master World Records. Bettina remains one of the best benchers in the country. Prior obligations prevented her from participating at the 2004 Women’s Open World Championships where her positive influence as both a lifter and a role model were sorely missed.

Along with being a great and talented lifter, Bettina is an invaluable resource to the USA Powerlifting. She has been a member of the Executive Committee since 1992, as well as serving as the organization’s legal council. At National Governing Board meetings, she is quite but purposeful in keeping the motions running smoothly and within the legal guidelines. Bettina’s certification as a CAT II referee contributes to the USA Powerlifting World Team’s obligation of providing officials at IPF World Championships.

Bettina’s Stats

Best Competition Lifts:

World Titles:

National Titles:

State Titles:


USA Powerlifting; 129 lb weight class

USA Powerlifting; 139 lb weight class

USA Powerlifting; 132 lb weight class

Natural Athletes Strength Association; 132 lb weight class

United States Powerlifting Federation; 132 lb weight class

Referee Status:

Referee career started in 1993 and currently is an International Powerlifting Federation – International Referee, Category II



Bettina’s Photo Gallery

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Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer
Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer
Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer Bettina Altizer

2005 USA Powerlifting Women’s Hall of Fame Sponsors

The Women’s Hall of Fame Committee would like to thank those who sponsored Bettina’s induction to the Women’s Hall of Fame. Each of the sponsors below played an important part of helping with the induction ceremony held at the USA Powerlifting Women’s Nationals in St. Louis, MO, February 6, 2005.

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