National Qualifying Totals

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Beginning in 2015 all USAPL meets, with the exception of High School Nationals, will use the current IPF classes. To qualify for a National Meet a lifter must weigh in within the weight class limits and achieve a minimum total as stated above for that weight class. A lifter will be qualified for each weight class above the one in which they compete provided they achieve the necessary total for that class.

For instance, if a female competing in the open division lifts in the 57kg (123lb) class and totals 295kg (650lb), she qualifies for 57kg class. If however, she totals 330kg (728lb) she qualifies for the 57kg class and the 63kg class.

NOTE: A National Meet Qualifying Total must be achieved in a USAPL-sanctioned meet on or after January 1 of the year before the year in which the National Meet is being held. This includes all USAPL National Meets.