Reminder: 3rd Quarter Athlete Locator Form (ALF) Due June 15

3rd Quarter ALF DUE: June 15 @ 5pm EST

If you are an athlete in the USA Powerlifting Registered Testing Pool (RTP) or a National Team athlete, you likely have been notified that you need to maintain your whereabouts via the Athlete Locator Form.

Failure to accurately provide information required by the ALF can result in a whereabouts failure.  A whereabouts filing failure may results in a fine or removal from international competition.  Three [3] whereabouts failures in a 12-month period is the equivalent of an anti-doping violation and can result in sanction.

Please read below carefully:

  • You must be present during your entire 60-minute window, and during the times you declare you will be present at your gym. If you need to edit your submission, use the edit submission link provided by your confirmation email.  The edit is transmitted immediately to the OMT Coordinator.  This means, if a test is in planning, the tester will be notified and you can avoid a whereabouts failure.
  • If you are a student: you must edit your submission when you move to school or back home!
  • If you are a world traveler and attend or work at meets every weekend, you must provide an update to your ALF!
  • Please, pay attention to each field, including the year and update appropriately.

USA Powerlifting Athlete Locator Form (Athletes in the ADAMS system need to only update their ADAMS whereabouts)

Any questions can be sent to: